ISEEK is an ideal organization for training volunteers for social and cultural activities for all ages.

The ISEEK culture provides an excellent milieu for volunteers to feel comfortable and motivated while receiving orientation and basic training. Volunteer feels welcomed, informed and trained for whatever might happen. Volunteers are well-informed concerning the context in which they will be doing their work.

ISEEK Orientation Program:

  • Explains exactly ISEEK does and its history. How did it come to be and how has it evolved?
  • Describes the programs and whom ISEEK serves.
  • Provides an overview of how ISEEK organization is set up. It goes over the organizational chart so that volunteers understand who does what.
  • Introduces volunteers to ISEEK’s facility where most of the activities take place. This includes introducing them to key staff along the way.
  • Goes over general policies and procedures, spending the most time on those that impact the volunteers directly.
  • Explains how the volunteer management system works. How do they schedule their time? Does the volunteer need to check in? How do they log their hours? To whom can they turn for help?

ISEEK Volunteer Management:

  • The major focus of ISEEK Volunteer Program is how can our organization work with (and through) our volunteers to meet our goals? With the end goal of our organization in mind, we work with our volunteers in a way that helps them do their work. We prefer to also streamline the process, so there is less oversight.
  • For our recruitment efforts, we look for people with particular skills or experiences. We set a standard and recruit volunteer based on what we need in a volunteer.
  • Volunteer candidates are inquired about their professional and volunteer history, skills and interests.
  • Volunteers are assigned tasks and functions based on skills or interests streamlined by ISEEK system.
  • ISEEK’s basic philosophy based on its vision and mission naturally steers the volunteer program to engage volunteers in a way that makes volunteers experience how valuable they are.