“Unveiling the Shadows: The Global Superclass Shaping Our World”.

By Jaseem Pasha, MD
President, ISEEK
December 09, 2023

Review of “Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making” by David Rothkopf, published in 2008.

One might ask why I would be writing a review of an article published in 2008. Well, looking at world events, a unipolar world where when something happens of any geopolitical importance, one can easily predict what would be the newspaper headlines, statements, and policy announcements of specific nations and their scripted reactions, in tandem with the burgeoning number of billionaires and the ever-increasing size of wealth.

This article examines approximately 6,000 individuals who, according to Rothkopf, wield significant global influence. These individuals, identified as the global superclass, have considerable control over major aspects of the world, including governments, large corporations, international finance, media, world religions, and even criminal and terrorist organizations. The book is based on exclusive interviews and extensive original reporting.

These 6000 individuals are a tiny, tiny fraction of the people of the planet Earth. That means that approximately there is one member of this group for every million people on Earth. What a power a small group of people can have! This fact explains why wars and genocide are never-ending, dehumanization continues, and critical thinking of an ordinary man is slowly becoming extinct. At the same time, the pandemic of corruption from the top class down to the person street has no clue where to start to bring the change they want to see. Many current world events give the flavor of an ancient but famous book titled “Prince,”[1] written 500 years ago by an Italian philosopher, Niccolo Machiavelli. If you read this book and then read one verse in the Quran, your worldview will permanently change, and you will then understand the jist of the Quranic message that the Creator will not change the conditions of a nation until its people change the conditions of their mind.[2] This is what Gandhi said about the change: be the change you want to see in the world.

Kirkus Reviews describes the book as an impressively knowledgeable guide to the world’s elite, highlighting Rothkopf’s firsthand experience in power circles and his exploration of how this superclass operates and influences global governance. The review suggests that Rothkopf provides detailed insights into these individuals’ characteristics, education, and networking methods.

Bob Wright, the Vice Chairman of General Electric and former President and CEO of NBC Universal, praised “Superclass” for its timely and detailed analysis of the disproportionate power and responsibility of the global power elites, emphasizing the importance of understanding the implications of their shift beyond nation-states.

“The Economist” highlights the book’s pioneering nature in studying a subject that has often been the realm of conspiracy theorists, commending Rothkopf for his balanced view. The review points out Rothkopf’s concerns about increasing inequality and unaccountable power while acknowledging the superclass’s role in addressing global issues where many institutions are outdated.

Overall, “Superclass” is regarded as a significant and detailed examination of a highly influential group of people and their impact on global affairs. It presents a nuanced view of the worldwide elite, recognizing their influential role in shaping the world and the potential issues arising from such concentrated influence. The book’s analysis appears well-researched and insightful, providing a comprehensive look at global power and governance dynamics.

Rothkopf’s approach in “Superclass” is primarily based on extensive interviews and original reporting. This firsthand information provides an insider’s perspective, a significant book strength. However, one might critique the potential for selection bias in his choice of interview subjects and sources.

Rothkopf’s writing is accessible and engaging, making a complex and potentially dense subject matter readable for a broad audience. He successfully demystifies the workings of global power structures, which is a commendable achievement.

This article is so relevant because we can no longer discard things as just conspiracy theories and take these new developments seriously as responsible world citizens. This article underscores the global elite’s need for greater accountability and transparency.

In summary, “Superclass” is a thought-provoking exploration of the worldwide power elite, offering valuable insights into how power is concentrated and exercised in the modern world.

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[1] The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
[2] In Quran 13:11

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