The Chronicles of Convenient Morality: An Olympic Dive into Modern Hypocrisy

By Jaseem Pasha, MD
& Ismail Gula, MA
Monday, November 8, 2021

Gather ’round, kind readers! For I have unearthed the commandments of the contemporary age, sermons that have graced our ears, either as sweet symphonies or as nails on a chalkboard. And between us, who hasn’t been tempted to climb the podium and deliver one?

Corruption Causes

First on the docket is the classic Corruption Causes. Ah, corruption, that ubiquitous go-to when we’re feeling exceptionally high-brow. “It’s the darn system,” many proclaim, painting an image of a child’s toy broken in the throes of a tantrum.

Fault List – our modern-day grocery list

Then there’s the cherished Fault List – our modern-day grocery list. But, instead of eggs and milk, it catalogs the myriad problems with the world. And much like my shopping list, something crucial always gets overlooked.

Religious vs. Secular Duel

The Religious vs. Secular Duel never fails to entertain. Is there too much divinity, or have we steered too secular? It’s a debate as balanced as arguing the merits of having too much chocolate cake. Spoiler: There’s never too much cake.

World Changers with No Personal Agenda

Our self-proclaimed World Changers with No Personal Agenda are next. Champions for global reform, but when introspection comes knocking, they suddenly resemble pillars of inflexibility, conveniently inanimate to change.

Survival of the Richest (Fittest)

Ah, the musings on Survival of the Richest. Some believe that Darwin was alluding to billionaires clambering onto their gold-plated lifeboats. These wealthy ones, it appears, see their greed not as a vice but as an essential, biological life vest.

Yet, when Darwin uttered “survival of the fittest,” did he envision elites battling for designer timepieces? It’s unlikely he meant the wealthiest would reign supreme. Although, picturing some affluents surviving a Starbucks latte-deprived day does offer a chuckle.

Misunderstood Elite’s Struggle

Speaking of affluence, let’s not forget the Misunderstood Elite’s Struggle. It’s a burdensome life, deciding which gold-encrusted cutlery graces tonight’s banquet. Their monumental task? Remembering the names of their armada of yachts. A genuine hardship, indeed.
Let’s discuss.

Democracy’s Lifeline. The elites insinuate that ridiculing their grandeur could threaten worker prosperity. If laughter is the cure, our job security might lie in our sense of humor.

History always has its place in our commandments, too. Everyone relishes reciting the past, especially when wielding it as a sword to critique others.

But why dwell in the Historical Hangovers of unlearned lessons of bygone eras? Instead of drowning in past missteps, let’s be the change and champions of now.

Now, Some Real Talk.

Studies, including insights from luminaries like Gandhi, stress the need for personal transformation. Gandhi’s counsel? “Be the change you wish to see.”

The mirror of society reflects its individuals. So, perhaps, before launching critiques, we must introspect.

Onward to one of our favorites, Double Standards – the age-old Olympics where we champion leaping over our standards yet stumble on our self-set bars. If you’re echoing democracy, ensure you’re not peddling oligarchy in disguise, akin to the captivating ‘Democracy Devi.’

Research, albeit with a humorous twist, does highlight the consequences of rampant double standards. As cited in the Journal of Moral Compass Misdirection (admittedly a comical fabrication), hypocrisy breeds societal disillusionment. This inconsistency causes a jarring dissonance, halting societal progression. It’s not a forward march but a disjointed dance – one step ahead, two steps behind.

In wrapping up our journey through these chronicles, it’s a call to introspect. Before we repaint society’s canvas, let’s first cleanse our palettes. Authenticity reigns supreme over a dual-faced demeanor. We’re a tapestry of inconsistencies, but in that lies our shared humanity.

To consistency in inconsistency!

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