ISEEK’s article submission guidelines.

Welcome to ISEEK’s article submission guidelines. Our mission is to empower voices that foster a positive impact on society. With this policy, we aim to create a space that values human character, honesty, and integrity. We warmly invite contributions that uphold and amplify the essence of love, compassion, brotherhood, and respect for inherent human dignity.

Purpose of Guidelines: To ensure that the content published in our newsletter aligns with the values and principles of our organization and promotes respect for inherent human dignity.

Guiding Principles:

All articles submitted must adhere to the following principles:

  • Human Dignity and Respect: All content should uphold and respect the inherent dignity of every individual, irrespective of their background, identity, or beliefs.
  • Promotion of Positive Values: Encourage content that sheds light on honesty, personal integrity, love, compassion, and brotherhood.
  • Personal Accountability: Articles should emphasize the importance of taking responsibility for actions and decisions.
  • Value of Critical Thinking: Celebrate the art of questioning, thinking critically, and having informed opinions.
  • Respect for Diverse Opinions: While promoting personal opinions, ensure they do not foster division, tribalism, or sectarianism.

Prohibited Content:

Submissions must not include or indirectly promote:

  • Disrespect or degradation of any individual or group.
  • Sectarianism, racism, extremism, chauvinism, jingoism, or ethnocentrism.
  • Tribalism or divisive ideologies.
  • Justification for double standards leading to any form of injustice or dehumanization.

Review Process:

All submitted articles will be subject to a rigorous review process. Our editorial team will assess every submission based on the above guidelines. If an article does not align with our values or violates any of our guiding principles, it will not be accepted.

Feedback and Revision:

In cases where an article holds promise but requires changes, our editorial team will provide feedback. Authors are encouraged to revise and resubmit their work in line with the input.

Final Point:

Our newsletter aims to create a platform that nurtures positive discourse and encourages respect for all individuals. We believe in the power of words to bring about change, and we invite you to be a part of this journey. Submit your article today and be a beacon of hope, respect, and dignity.

Note: ISEEK reserves the right to make final decisions on all article submissions. This policy is subject to change, and authors are advised to review it regularly.

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