Yes.  Anyone can be a member of ISEEK, and it is free.

The membership is open to individuals, organizations, non-profits, and businesses interested in working together to make the world better for humanity.

The only requirement for membership is to fill out the membership form, sign, and date. By signing the membership form, the signer agrees with the vision & mission of ISEEK without any reservation.

The membership is renewable automatically every year. The membership does not expire unless a member decides to resign for any reason, in which case the member has to notify ISEEK by sending a written notice via email to ISEEK.

Residence at any specific geographical location is not required to become a member. Anyone with any nationality can be a member.

1. The members will receive a regular complimentary ISEEK newsletter containing all the important announcements about ISEEK monthly lectures, presentations, and inter-diversity dialogues, the focus of which is to promote reverence for common grounds and deep respect for differences.

Most ISEEK lectures and programs require no registration or admission fee for ISEEK members. They are all free. However, for all ISEEK programs, the invitations to ISEEK members are sent in advance, and their attendance requires RSVPs.

Some ISEEK programs may occasionally require members to pay a discounted price, depending on the event.

Invitations to all ISEEK programs specify which is free and which requires a fee.

2. Members can participate in all iSEEK educational activities following the iSEEK protocol.

Members are encouraged to participate in the program as speakers or panelists. However, the participation would follow the guidelines and the protocol delineated by the ISEEK Educational Committee. It will require submission of the contents of the presentation or lecture to the Education Committee at least two months in advance. The ISEEK has a right to edit, delete, add, or improve the contents or altogether reject if the contents do not meet the guidelines of the ISEEK Education Committee. The decision is final.

ISEEK is a private organization. Its platform is not public, and free speech must be congruent with the ISEEK vision & mission theme.

3. The primary benefit of becoming an iSEEK member is to receive access to an uninterrupted flow of information via the ISEEK Newsletter and ISEEK website through periodic iSEEK newsletters, which provide intellectual and spiritual tools crucial for developing a platform that promotes critical thinking and self-reflection and brings all diversities to prosper, side by side, under the principles of mutual respect’s dignity and the greater good.

4. ISEEK members will have online access to past presentations, articles, essays, books, functional websites, and other crucial information necessary for the progress of a nation, regardless of its cultural, political, and economic system.

5. Invitations to social events that will facilitate meeting like-minded people and making connections.

6. Members will have opportunities for local leadership positions.

7. ISEEK Members can actively participate in various ISEEK Organizational Committees and Boards.

8. ISEEK is an ideal organization for training volunteers for social and cultural activities for all ages. The ISEEK culture provides an excellent milieu for volunteers to feel comfortable and motivated while receiving orientation and basic training. Volunteers are not only welcomed but also thoroughly informed and trained to handle any situation.