Ode to the Sorrow of War and the Hope for Peace

By Jaseem Pasha, MD
President, ISEEK
December 25, 2023

In shadowed valleys where unrest lies deep,

A cry resounds, stirring souls from sleep:

“Peace, Love, and Peace,” an urgent refrain,

A call to awaken humanity’s gain.


Let empathy’s river through weary hearts flow,

Illumined by compassion’s transformative glow.

The innocent bear war’s relentless toll,

Children, women, elders — each precious soul.


Masked as defense, war’s treacherous guise,

Truth shrouded in a web of deceitful lies.

Homes to ruins fall, dreams bitterly depart,

Life’s verdant gardens turn graves of the heart.


Tears stain young faces, once bright with mirth,

As they mourn their lost kin on this scarred earth.

Futures stolen smiles eternally erased,

In silence, their spirits drift, unseen, displaced.


In the cadence of war, each minute a star dims,

Snuffing out a child’s light on a whim.

“By force, we shall rule,” the aggressors claim,

In a world where power plays a ruthless game.


In the hush of temples, mosques, synagogues

And Churches, under solemn domes,

Witnesses stand to the ruins, the deaths, the homes.

Sacred voices mute, their moral compass lost.


In the face of horror, what is the cost?

Cries of jingoism echoes of the darker skies,

Massacres unfold, a psychopaths’ stage.

Lost is the civility of eras past.


Where now does conscience cast its cast?

Where is the conscience on history’s page?

Lovers of democracy, where do you stand,

When are justice and truth lost in the sand?


Where is the honor when the truth is but grains of sand?

What is so noble about being facile violators of the covenants with Creator-God?

How can it be delightful to transgress human dignity that is intrinsic,

And still claim to be the Chosen Ones?


No double standards can the horror mask,

In barbarism’s shadow, we are taken to task.

Awake, awake! See with eyes anew,

Life’s dignity demands a view that’s true.


In humility bow, with wisdom’s light,

Embrace peace and compassion against the night.

Can we justify genocide in any land?

When all we need is an empathetic hand.


Plant seeds of understanding, tender grace,

And in unity, a peaceful future embrace.

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