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Benefits of iSEEK Membership

A. Non-paying iSEEK Member

1. The basic benefit of becoming an iSEEK member is to receive with no charge an uninterrupted flow of information by periodic iSEEK newsletters that provide intellectual and spiritual tools crucial for developing a platform that promotes critical thinking and self-reflection and brings all diversities to prosper side by side in accordance to the principles of mutual respect for each other’s dignity and common good.

2. In addition to flow of vital information, the members will also receive important announcement about iSEEK monthly lectures and presentations and inter-diversity dialogues which would promote reverence for common grounds and deep respect for the differences. The members will be invited to attend all iSEEK functions, some of which may require a nominal entrance fee to cover for the meals or snacks, etc.

B. Paying iSEEK Member

[Membership contributions may be tax deductible. Please consult your accountant.]

3. In addition to receiving all the benefits of non-paying membership, paying iSEEK members will not be charged or be given substantial discounts to iSEEK events under its direct management. Such benefits include, but are not limited to, waiver of entrance fees for functions or meetings, substantial discounts to special events, and guest passes to provide to friends and family.

4. Paying iSEEK members are encouraged to participate in all iSEEK educational activities in accordance with the iSEEK protocol. At the end of every calendar membership year, the extent and the quality of educational and organizational participation will be assessed by the quality control section of iSEEK. Upon its recommendation, the paying member may be offered Ambassadorial iSEEK membership, with extra benefits privileges.

C. Non-paying Ambassadorial iSEEK Member:

5. In addition to receiving all the benefits and the privileges that both non-paying and paying members enjoy, paying iSEEK members in consideration of their humanitarian activities on behalf of iSEEK, will be decorated with Ambassadorial status with waiver to pay annual membership dues.

Note: All membership statuses may be terminated at any time by the member by providing written notice via email to iSEEK. Collected membership fees will be returned pro rata to such terminated iSEEK member within thirty days of termination.

Membership Form
Membership Payment