A Culture of Respect for Inherent Human Dignity, Without Excluding Anyone, is the Only Criterion of a Civilized Society.

“Paru McGuire, the Emcee, Kicks Off ISEEK’s 7th-Year Celebration Dinner.”

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, and fellow advocates of altruism, I am Paru McGuire, honored to serve as the Strategic Director of Community Engagement and Initiatives for ISEEK. As your Master of Ceremonies for this evening & on behalf of ISEEK, it is my great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to everyone. Today, we gather to celebrate an embodiment of noble values that transcend time and boundaries. It is my distinct honor to introduce ISEEK, the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR EMPOWERMENT, ENLIGHTENMENT & KNOWLEDGE, a non-profit organization, the brainchild of Dr. Jaseem Pasha, that stands as a living testament to the principles of the golden rule and the greater good. In a world often obscured by complexity, this organization’s mission shines as a beacon of simplicity, reminding us that in serving others and advancing the welfare of all, we truly unlock the highest expressions of our shared humanity.

To begin our gala with style and grace, I would like to start this evening’s event with a short poem that mirrors ISEEK’s core values.

Let the greater good be your daily guide,
In actions and choices, don’t let it hide.
For when we seek the greater good each day,
The world awakens in a brighter way.
In kindness and empathy, our power is understood,
Together, we thrive, making the world look good.
May this radiant decree be our guiding light,
In every deed, through day and night.

Thank you again for joining us tonight at this special fundraising gala. Your presence here is a testament to your commitment to making a difference in the world. We are gathered for a cause that is close to our hearts, a cause that holds the power to transform lives. As we embark on this evening, I want to remind you of the incredible impact that your contributions can have. Each pledge, each donation, is a beacon of hope for those in need. Envelopes, as well as the QR code, are on the table, and volunteers will collect them.

In closing, let us remember the timeless wisdom of the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” Tonight, we’ve not only embraced this principle, but we’ve also elevated it to a higher calling—the pursuit of the greater good. Our collective efforts, fueled by compassion and generosity, have the power to uplift, heal, and inspire. As we leave this gala, let us carry these values with us, for they are the compass guiding us toward a world filled with kindness and positive change. I would also like to express, on behalf of ISEEK, our heartfelt gratitude for your generous pledges and donations. Your support has been invaluable in helping us achieve our goals. Thank you all for being here tonight, and don’t forget to turn the clocks back. Good night and get home safe.

“Dr. Jaseem Pasha – ISEEK President – Gives the ISEEK 7th-Year Celebration Dinner Theme Message: ‘The Human Dignity is intrinsic.'”

Today, I address you as a humble representative of ISEEK, an organization that stands as a beacon of hope in a world tarnished by apathy, indifference, and ongoing dehumanization. In these tumultuous times, where the values of peace, the sanctity of life, and the inherent dignity of every human being are under relentless assault, ISEEK offers a resolute and unwavering vision. It is now routine to witness horrors like genocide, human rights violations, and moral decay, which are becoming all too common as empathy wanes and indifference prevails.

In the middle of diverse ideologies, let’s not overlook a simple truth – the intrinsic value of human dignity.

Let me share with you what our research at ISEEK has taught us about human dignity. This emphasis is about you.

Human dignity is a pinnacle of human evolution and is biologically intrinsic, inherent, and innate. Human dignity is never acquired. Human dignity is a gift of Creator-God and, therefore, cannot be created, granted, or withdrawn by any person or authority, and consequently, human dignity has nothing to do with class, race, gender, or religion. It is a gift that delegates human beings a set of duties, obligations, and rights – a status that demands respect.

Because of this deduction, ISEEK stands out as the only organization that is busy, day and night, trying to clarify and educate communities about the importance of acquiring clarity of thinking regarding the criterion of respect for human dignity so that it becomes impossible for the rogues hiding in our dehumanizing racist system to keep manipulating and perpetuating seductive hate and corruption-practices and thus placing a veil over the causes of rampant dehumanization all over the world.

Now, think for a moment. What kind of faith or morality would one have that has no boundary and would justify killing defenseless men, women, and children behind the veneer of democracy and dividing society as Us and them?

In this dark hour, we must remember that the essence of our humanity lies in our shared commitment to the sanctity of human life and promoting a civilized culture that respects human dignity without excluding anyone. This civilized culture must replace the decadent, barbaric, xenophobic values that pervade societies both in the East and the West.

We must rekindle the flame of compassion and the wisdom of a civilized mind that resides within each of us and reassert the fundamental principle of the Golden Rule – to treat others as we wish to be treated. These principles transcend boundaries, beliefs, and cultures and even remove the self-imposed restrictions on the dignity of our self-identity, placing a blind spot on the fact that we are first human beings before anything else, even our nationality, culture, traditions, and language. The criterion of respect for inherent human dignity is the bedrock upon which we can build a better world, and it cannot exclude anyone.

Let us not forget that the accurate measure of a society is how it values and reveres the inherent human dignity that every human being is born with.

We can’t stand idly by, while innocent lives are extinguished and the voices of the oppressed are silenced. In our interconnected world, one nation’s actions affect all of us. Our strength lies in upholding morality that respects human dignity, not ego or the power we derive from a culture that thrives only on double standards.

In conclusion, my friends, the road ahead may be challenging, but we can shape a world where the sanctity of human life and the Golden Rule guide us. Together, as one global community, let’s stand for peace, justice, and the worth of every human being.

Thank you, and may the spirit of peace, respect for human dignity, and humility guide our way forward.

“Commending Seven Remarkable Years: A Canadian Perspective on ISEEK’s Gala Dinner Celebration”

Purvaiz Yusuf, MBA, CPA
Director, ISEEK Chapter in Canada
Nov. 5, 2023

Houston’s own International Society for the Enlightenment, Empowerment, and Knowledge (ISEEK) pulled off an unforgettable gala on November 4, 2023, to mark its magnificent seven-year journey. The celebration transcended boundaries, attracting a diverse audience with a tapestry of backgrounds, including individuals from various ethnicities, such as Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and other denominations.

A Harmonious Prelude:

The gala’s enchantment began when guests stepped into the lobby of the banquet hall. The soul-stirring melodies of Azim Khan’s violin set the stage for a truly memorable evening. His music, a blend of elegance and festivity, served as a prelude to what was to come. Khan, a masterful violinist, guitarist, and music teacher, filled the air with soft, festive tunes, creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

Dominating the lobby was a striking vertical ISEEK poster emblazoned with a potent quote by Dr. Pasha: “Sanctity of Human Dignity is foundationally inherent and independent of one’s class, gender, religion, skin color, or historical heritage.” This quote served as a guiding beacon for the evening, emphasizing the celebration of innate human dignity.

The lobby buzzed with excitement as volunteers, including enthusiastic youth, greeted guests with warm smiles. It was a moment of reunion, where old friends rekindled connections, sharing stories and embraces.

The Main Event:

At 6 PM sharp, a call to gather in the banquet hall reverberated through the space, expertly delivered by Paru McGuire, the Strategic Director of Community Engagement and Initiatives for ISEEK, who also served as the evening’s emcee. Her exceptional skills as an emcee have brilliantly showcased the values and spirit of ISEEK, making her an indispensable pillar of the SEEK team and a true maestro in orchestrating successful events.

The business segment was graced by four remarkable speakers who shared insights into ISEEK’s vision and the profound significance of the Golden Rule. Ibrahim Khawaja, First Assistant District Attorney in the Fort Bend County District Attorney, known for advocating ISEEK’s mission and the Golden Rule, kicked off the discourse. George Willy, Founder and Principal Attorney at Willy, Nanayakkara & Associates, echoed these sentiments, underlining the role of the Golden Rule in all facets of life.

Imam Dr. Wazir Ali, an entrepreneur, kinesiologist, and registered dietitian illuminated the intrinsic nature of human dignity. The final speaker, Marian Hillar, M.D., Ph.D., a distinguished scholar and founder of the Center for Socinian Studies in Houston, eloquently advocated for the paramount importance of respecting human dignity in society.

Dr. Jaseem Pasha, President, and Founder of ISEEK, then took the stage, reminding us of ISEEK’s unique mission to create a society free from cultural backwardness and uphold the sanctity of human dignity. He stressed the importance of morality in building a just and compassionate society.

Dr. Khalid Razvi receives the ISEEK’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Ms. Paru then announced the ISEEK award ceremony.

Mr. Jamil Chunawala, a popular and lovable music enthusiast in the Houston Community, was requested to come to the podium. Mr. Chunawala then started narrating fascinating anecdotes and a list of community service and personal achievements about a “person” present in the audience without naming him. That naturally created suspense about who this person was. But the suspense was over as soon as Mr. Chunawala revealed the identity of this person, saying he was Dr. Khalid Razvi, who is a geologist by profession, who happens to be also a Board member of ISEEK, and the ISEEK Education Program Director. Mr. Chunawala asked Dr. Nooranissa Pasha, MD, the Vice-President of ISEEK, who has been the key driving force behind the team’s success, to come to the podium and give the plaque for the Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Khalid Razvi in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the world of poetry, humor, and community service.

A Multicultural Extravaganza:

After the business portion of the program concluded, the stage erupted with a vibrant showcase of transcultural dances, songs, and music. Indian classical and sub-classical dances blended seamlessly with Lebanese theatrical folk dances, inviting the audience to join the Lebanese dance celebration.

Adding to the musical delight, Nick’s band’s music and songs were sung by Bindu Malhotra, whose melodious voice added to the old songs, provoking nostalgia.

The entertainment, scheduled for 90 minutes, was a colorful and rhythmic journey that left everyone enchanted. This fusion of music, dance, and nostalgia created an atmosphere of pure delight, leaving attendees with memories they’ll cherish for years.

The grand finale was a sumptuous buffet dinner featuring vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, a testament to the rich diversity celebrated throughout the evening.

The 2023 ISEEK Gala concluded at 9:30 PM, leaving attendees with cherished memories of an evening celebrating the organization’s seven-year ethical enlightenment and cultural harmony legacy.

For those who missed this spectacular event, you missed an evening that exemplified unity, diversity, and the unwavering commitment to upholding the sanctity of human dignity.

As we reflect on this remarkable gala, it’s a testament to the values and mission of ISEEK—a journey that we are proud to be a part of. With seven years of meaningful contributions behind us, we look forward to the bright future that awaits us, filled with continued ethical enlightenment and cultural harmony.

Purvaiz Yusuf, MBA, CPA
Director, ISEEK Chapter in Canada
Director, Oxford Learning Markham, ON, Canada
Director, Oxford Learning Boxgrove, ON, Canada

“Voices from the ISEEK Gala:
Guest Comments and Impressions”

Nov 4, 2023

I am very proud of you.  God bless you and your beautiful family.

The principles of ISEEK impacts the role we play individually and collectively in our communities with absolute clarity. ISEEK persistently, relentlessly, and unapologetically highlights that the Golden Rule is the most prevalent and universal moral principle in human history.

Ibrahim Elias Khawaja
First Assistant District Attorney
Fort Bend County

Nov 4, 2023

Pasha abi,
Your program was wonderful, everybody was so happy. As a psychiatrist, you treated all of us, being altogether, sharing very nice folklore and dancing.
Thanks so much to you and Noor abla.

There was a photographer who recorded whole program. I wondered his camera if it was, I phone or different camera. I would like to ask him if you send me his telephone number.
See you soon and good night.

Prof. Dr. Serif Ali Tekalan
VP for International Affairs
North American University Nov 4, 2023
11929 W Airport Blvd. Stafford, TX 77477 USA

Nov 6, 2023

We sure did enjoy the event. I’m thankful for YOUR generosity and I believe in the platform of iSeek.


Nov 6, 2023

Just a quick note to thank you for including us Saturday evening. We really enjoyed enjoyed the program (and we did see the Lebanese dancers) and we’re sorry to miss the dinner. Karl LOVES spicy  foods!  This was my second outing in ten weeks, so it wore me out more than I expected.  We really do appreciate the invitation. Looking forward to future meetings and will let you know if they ever figure out what’s wrong with me.  Again, thank you.

Sue Hauenstein.

Nov 6, 2023

Thank you to the I SEEK organizers for a wonderful evening of good speakers, good food and lots of entertainment. It was an enjoyable and memorable evening.

Sultans Rahman

Nov 6, 2023

Very good program, well organized and entertaining

Ruhina Ahmed

Nov 8, 2023

Dear Mr. Pasha,

I trust this message finds you well. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to meet with you and Sister Noor. Your meticulous organization of the event did not go unnoticed, and I must commend you for ensuring that everything ran seamlessly. Meeting with your esteemed guests was a true pleasure, and their presence added to the event’s overall charm.

I eagerly anticipate our upcoming monthly meetings and the valuable discussions that they will undoubtedly bring.

Talat Talpur

Nov 9, 2023

Dear Dr. Noor ….
The event was well organized, started on time, entertainment program was good, and the food was very delicious. Your hospitality was great…. !!  We enjoyed the event …. Thank you for inviting us …!

Talat and Rafique Rahman

Nov 9, 2023

Salaam: I want to thank you all for inviting us for the ISEEK event. We enjoyed it a lot and also got lots of info about the great work you all do for the community. Pls do let us know for whatever possible help we can do for your organization.

Thank you Salam I want to thank you all for inviting us for the ISEEK event. We enjoyed it a lot and also got lots of info about the great work you all do for the community. Pls do let us know for whatever possible help we can do for your organization.

Thank you Salam I want to thank you all for inviting us for the ISEEK event. We enjoyed it a lot and also got lots of info about the great work you all do for the community. Pls do let us know for whatever possible help we can do for your organization.

Thank you 

Nov 9, 2023

Wa Salaam. The event was awesome. Thank you for letting us the part of it. My email is ******@******.com

Shafiqua Contractor

Nov 9, 2023

TY for your generosity in inviting me to your event. A wonderful gala and all were very entertaining. All were so welcoming and hospitable. 


Nov 9, 2023

What a wonderful evening. Tried to donate online. Can’t tell if it went through
I sent a check to you.

Sue H

Nov 9, 2023

Dear respected Dr Pasha,

The Gala was absolutely awesome, marvelous and incredibly fascinating!
Best wishes for the success of the event.
I wish to convey my heartiest greetings to the organizers whose efforts were highly fruitful, from presentations, colorful cultural electrifying performances,
Decor, food, songs everything was Par excellence.

I thoroughly enjoyed as every moment was so Informative and enjoyable.

My sincere thanks,
Rubina Khan

Nov 11, 2023

Dr. Saheb
Great event, thanks for including us. We met some old friends and made new friends.
Inshallah we shall keep in touch.

Aziz Jamaluddin

Nov 17, 2023

Dear Dr. Jaseem and Noor Pasha,

It was a great gala event! Extremely well organized, the great ambiance, and the beauty of the venue. Such wonderful events are rare and leave a lasting impression for a long time.
The speeches were good and reiterated the theme of ISEEK. We all believe in its goal, and it was refreshing to hear from those speakers as a reinforcement. Speeches were well organized and moved on with a good pace.
The cultural show was quite entertaining. There were no repetitions and brought a variety of artists and items. For us, the Indian pop singing on one hand and the classical dancing on the other was delightful. On top of it, the performance by the Lebanese group was delightful. The Turkish Center Hall is beautiful and that helped to keep the ambiance very charming.
And off course the dinner was quite sumptuous. The quality, the variety and the taste just hit the palate well. Extremely enjoyable! But good food is worth with good company, and we had so many good friends.
Farzana and I thank you for inviting us and organizing such a wonderful gala event. We will remember it for quite sometime.

P.S. sorry for responding so late. Have been very busy with many things but never forgot to write to you.

Farrukh I Ahmad, Ph.D.

Nov 17, 2023

The pursuit of a just society where the needs of the individual and the needs of society are balanced without injury to either is a noble one. Turning away from this task, we do at our own peril. Across the world we see societies that have walked away from this pursuit and are paying the price with monstrous dictatorships, grinding poverty and loss of human dignity. iSeek dares to stand up and challenge the assumptions that often lay in deep slumber even in so called enlightened societies. Challenging the status quo even when it is hard must be undertaken and the courage to do that will only come with increased support to organizations like iSeek.

George R. Willy
Founder & Principal Attorney
Willy, Nanayakkara & Associates