ISEEK is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that was founded in 2015 with a vision to empower people with both a) Intellectual autonomy and b) Personal integrity based on truthfulness. Thus, helping each citizen to ultimately become an asset for the entire nation / society / or a community one lives in.

ISEEK emphasizes the five ISEEK core values, which are:

  1. The righteousness, based on truthfulness
  2. Respect for human dignity
  3. Respect forHuman Rights
  4. Respect for Fairness and Justice
  5. Respect for the ‘Rule of the Law’

These 5 core values, with universal appeal, support the vision, shape the culture of the organization, and reflect what the organization values.  ISEEK promotes all these values without excluding anyone and irrespective of the status of one’s citizenship.

ISEEK is a society of intellectuals representing different diversities that aims to organize periodic lectures, seminars, and live multi-media presentations to the local community as well as disseminate the same to the masses via the effective use of social media. The focus is mainly on:

  1. Improving one’s own critical thinking
  2. Encouraging one’s moral compass evolve around the crucial concept of “common good”, i.e., “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  3. Emphasizing that the onus of laying foundation to a non-tribal civilized society is on us as its members, and not on the government or the political leaders.
  4. Enlightening the members of society how to intelligently identify false assumptions, false beliefs and false fears and verify facts.
  5. Guiding how we can manage our emotions smartly
  6. Explains how we can eliminate the 3 main causes of human sufferings: 1) Self-centeredness, 2) Greed, and 3) False fears
  • Identifying Root Causes (RCA) of any social phenomenon
  • Enhancing the critical thinking
  • Bridging the gap between perceptions about anything among diversities
  • Helping civilians to prevent themselves naively outsourcing their critical thinking to potential human exploiters
  • Facilitating individuals and communities to become an asset for the entire society.
  • Communicating and raising awareness among general public, seniors, youth, children, business leaders, religious leaders, inter-faith audience, government officials and even political candidates, regardless of their political affiliation.
No. It is not a religious organization. But the participants of this organization belong to different faith groups as well as those who are agnostics and atheists. The organization respects people of all faiths. It considers one’s faith or lack of any faith to be very personal, which deserves respect.
Absolutely not. It is an organization for educational purposes only. The education mainly stresses how we can become an asset not only for our own loved ones and families, but also for the rest of the society.
It is little bit of both. The efforts are to reach out to people beyond one’s circle of friends of the same faith and ethnicity. It functions as a think-tank in a way where we have social gathering of all diversities and identify the best methods and practices to reach out and bridge the gap between perceptions about anything among diversities.
There are so many. There is lot of emphasis on eliminating ignorance, prejudice, discrimination, racism and xenophobia, repudiating exclusion of any human being, regardless of his or her beliefs or association with any diversity. There is also emphasis on individual spiritual and intellectual advancement. Some topics help us in debunking myths and definitions that stereotype. There are many mental health topics like understanding the terms, such as emotional intelligence and perceptual intelligence, compassion, self-reflection, personal integrity, the smart ways to manage one’s emotions, dealing with ego, jealousy, guilt, distrust, hatred and violence.
ISEEK is not about changing the world; it is about changing ourselves for the better. Every human being is intellectually equipped to change one’s self for the better. Speaking of the desire to change the whole world or believing that it will take several generations to change is totally irrelevant to the benefits of self-improvements that we want to enjoy for our own families and our fellow citizens.
No.  ISEEK is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, which operates only for educational purposes. In fact, we do not support or oppose political organizations, nor patronize any specific religion, philosophy or ideology. However, we highlight beneficial and harmful components of ideologies, political systems, economy, religions and other social paradigms that have significant impact on humanity.
Yes. One can be a member of ISEEK. One can visit our website: and it will direct you to the website page that provides all the information about membership.