“Breaking Chains, Embracing Change: A Bold New Vision for Israeli-Palestinian Peace & Dignity”

By Jaseem Pasha, MD
President/Founder ISEEK
January 13, 2024

[Abstract: “Breaking Chains, Embracing Change: A Bold New Vision for Israeli-Palestinian Peace” presents a transformative approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, advocating a departure from dissecting historical root causes and instead proposing a fresh start grounded in a non-tribal, universal worldview. Central to this vision is a steadfast commitment to respecting inherent human dignity, steering clear of any agendas that may detract from fairness and justice. The article proposes the establishment of a Democratic Secular State named “Israel,” redefined to symbolize a diverse, inclusive society honoring the shared heritage of Jews, Christians, and Muslims as Children of Abraham. This reconceptualization aligns with the intrinsic dignity and rights of all individuals, advocating for Israel as a shared homeland for all Abrahamic faiths. The author calls for eliminating political parties and lobbies in favor of governance centered around the people, emphasizing educational and cultural exchanges, international support, and long-term peacebuilding initiatives. This groundbreaking framework aspires to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and serve as a model for global peace, transcending traditional ethnically tribal disputes by aligning national policies with humanity’s best interests.]

The impossible peace is possible. Depends!

Peace, often perceived as impossible, is indeed achievable. It hinges on the ethical and moral foundations we choose to build our civilized society. The closer our choice aligns with the principle of respect for inherent human dignity, and the further it moves away from a tribal worldview, the more attainable peace becomes.

Peace Treaty, Social Peace & Social Justice

While it is true that the whole world would love to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict end and the States of Israel and Palestine prosper side by side as neighbors living in peace. But this won’t happen. The likelihood of this happening is nil. This inference is not an expression of extreme pessimism. No. Not at all. The reason is that the worldview required to accomplish this is simply not embraced by the conflicting participants.

Social peace cannot be achieved the way people think. Peace has its path, genuine source, and a precise algorithm, which do not exist anywhere today.

The only genuine source that can activate an authentic path of meaningful, peaceful dialogue is to first all parties recognize and embrace that all conflict participants share the same inherent human dignity that must be mutually respected at all costs, regardless of the merits of their claims.

Justice is never an outcome of compromises or yielding to pressures or threats. Justice is experienced only when there is no infringement of human rights, insult to inherent human dignity, or ongoing violence.

On the other hand, to establish an environment of peaceful negotiations, continued confrontations must be stopped immediately and unconditionally. The cessation of ongoing confrontations stops the chaos. It provides opportunities for all participants to think and reflect on those options that would not violate the universal principle of respect for the human dignity of no one on both sides of the conflict. This understanding must be resolved first to eliminate the potential of unintended additional conflicts in the future.

We cannot ignore the rule of thumb that social peace between the conflicting parties cannot be achieved unless both agree. It is, frankly, a bilateral issue that must be agreed upon by all the parties involved.
A peace treaty can be based on compromise, not necessarily justice, but pragmatism. Everyone must be incentivized to gain something and maximize damage control where possible. The civilians on both sides of the conflict will always have something to gain from a peace treaty that is not possible through continued confrontations, except for the tiny minority of rogue leaders on both sides whose ability to profit depends solely on prolonging the conflicts as long as possible, regardless of the high cost of human suffering on both sides.

There was a severe US-Japan conflict, and people suffered; now they are close allies. North Vietnam and South Vietnam fought a bloody war for many years that benefited some to become billionaires, and the rest suffered; now they are one country living in peace with a highly improved standard of living. North Korea and South Korea were partitioned during the Korean War. Outsiders prevented peace. Koreans want to unify because they share the same heritage, traditions, and language, but the unification of Koreans does not align with foreign geopolitical interests.

After World War II, Germany was divided into two independent nations – East and West Germany with a Berlin wall separating them. Soon, it was no longer advantageous for any stakeholder to keep them divided. Eventually, the Berlin Wall was brought down, and the two independent nations became one again.

To achieve justice, all the conflicting parties must know that winning and losing is not the end game. That worldview is a clear manifestation of tribal backwardness that is not compatible with the culture of an authentic civilized society. The goal is to support all the parties interested in peace and help strengthen the basis for all kinds of activities, facilitating everyone experiencing justice. In other words, this process must be bilateral or even multilateral.

The current realities of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
  1. There is no incentive for reaching a peace treaty for all the involved parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On the contrary, the status quo of the culture of hatred and bigotry on both sides of the aisle has become an incentive to keep the conflict alive, regardless of the general masses’ desire for peace at all costs. Peace must be welcomed by every party involved in the conflict and the other stakeholders. After all, social peace is a reality that does not come out of a medieval tribalistic worldview that encourages only greed, corruption, and apathy toward mass dehumanization.
  2. There is a total disconnect between what the people of the world, particularly what the peace-loving Jews, Christians, and Muslims, want, and the desire of the nucleus of power in Israeli and Palestinian inner circles.
  3. As the geopolitical reality reveals, the opinions and wishes of the world citizens realistically do not count as they have no politically and ethically compelling influence on the powerful international “democratically elected” oligarchic governments in the West in complete cahoots with Israel and many Middle Eastern Arab kingdoms. The political goals of Israeli Zionists and the Palestinian anti-Zionist factions do not see eye to eye on anything. The war profits are too huge to encourage any inclination towards achieving permanent genuine peace, regardless of their outward affiliations. Naturally, these stakeholders will have no incentive to seek peace.
The core issues of Israeli-Palestine conflict

The core issues include the borders of Israel and a future Palestinian state, the status of Jerusalem, the right of return for Palestinian refugees, mutual security concerns, the status of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and the end to the apartheid state of Palestinians that has turned Gaza into an open-air prison[1].

The issues are too critical and consequential and steadily worsening to the point that there is no concern for human suffering on both sides. There is no accountability. In remarks broadcast over the radio on December 11, 2006, President Jimmy Carter claimed that Israel’s policies amounted to an apartheid worse than South Africa’s.[2]

The Western power has provided a blank check of blind support built on the Machiavellian principle of “Might is Right.” There have been no serious efforts to facilitate dialogue between the disputing parties. They keep consulting with each other but conveniently avoid arranging a direct dialogue with the representatives of Palestinians living in apartheid states because “We do not negotiate with terrorists.” The attitude that it must be their way or no way cannot be labeled genuine deliberations.

Of course, after October 7. 2023, Hamas waged the deadliest attack on Israeli civilians, slaughtering babies and women, taking hundreds of innocent civilian hostages, and killing more than 1300 Israelis. Soon, it was followed by an attack on Gaza by Israelis. The whole Gaza strip, about 25 miles long and a few miles wide, crowded with around two million Palestinians, has been ceaselessly bombed week after week since then, killing over ten thousand tens of thousands of civilians, and the genocide continues unabated.

All the conflicting parties are unwilling to cool down, pause, and reflect.

South Africa has now taken Israel to the top UN Court on a genocide claim in Gaza. The 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide defines genocide as acts such as killings “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” The “intent to destroy” per the preceding definition has already been expressed clearly in different situations by official statements, such as Fighting “human animals.” Making Gaza a “slaughterhouse.” “Erasing the Gaza Strip from the face of the earth. “… “Words lead to deeds,” said Michael Sfard, a prominent Israeli lawyer. “Words that normalize or legitimize serious crimes against civilians create the social, political, and moral basis for other people to do things like that.”[3] “…in late October, Netanyahu cited the Bible in a televised address: “You must remember what Amalek has done to you.” Amalekites were persecutors of the biblical Israelites, and a biblical commandment says they must be destroyed.[4]

The path to peace is complex and challenging.

Ideally, achieving peace requires intellectual and ethical integrity and emotional maturity to be present in the leaders of conflicting parties as the starting foundational point. Once it is achieved, though very difficult, all parties will be able to recognize and comprehend the meaning of respect for inherent human dignity for each other. The remaining path is easy.

But this is not going to happen. Peace is not on anyone’s agenda. The masses on all sides have no clue what’s happening. Human disaster is inevitable. The question is how bad the disaster would be.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has too many stakeholders with their double-dealing agenda in the geopolitical arena with no regard for the monumental human sufferings experienced in the apartheid camp. The conflict provides loads of opportunities for multiple industrial complexes year after year and for the intermediaries in profits running in hundreds of billions of dollars, which rules out any hope for sincere attempts to look for permanent solutions.

Political Psychodynamic Narrative of Post-colonial Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli-Palestinian conflict is inherently, intensely, and historically tribal, lacks clarity in their ideological visions, and is not based on 100% truth. Respect for human dignity, without exclusions, is not part of their ideological, ethical, and religious vocabulary. They talk about their right to occupy their opponents’ lands illegally but have no clue of the principles of respect for inherent human dignity that their Torah has repeatedly ordered them to observe. The Quran emphasizes[5] Islamic governance (voluntarily embraced values that promote peace, justice, and harmony), not an Islamic state that requires the state’s use of force to implement religion. Nor does the Torah’s Golden Rule allow Jews to occupy anything that does not belong to them forcefully.

Both Israeli Zionism and Palestinian nationalism share the goal of achieving statehood for their people, but they diverge on the envisioned boundaries and the nature of that state.

In both cases, there are factions where religious beliefs deeply intertwine with nationalistic goals – religious Zionism in Israel and Islamist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine.

In the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, elements of Machiavellianism[6] can be observed, as in many protracted geopolitical disputes. Both Israeli and Palestinian leaders have engaged in political maneuvering at various times, which could be characterized as Machiavellian. These tactics include strategic alliances, diplomatic negotiations, and sometimes manipulative tactics to gain international support or undermine the other side’s position. Actions driven by power dynamics, where ethical considerations seemed secondary, also pointed towards Machiavellian principles. These tactics included military actions, settlement policies, or certain forms of political rhetoric.

Given so many commonalities in the background of both Zionists and Palestinians, it would be wise on the part of both groups to sit together and break the deadlock. If they desire to have arbitrators, that would be fine, too.

They must understand that there is strength in unity when diverse people live together and see each other as a single brotherhood. Diversities are beautiful when admired as diverse manifestations of humanity and add remarkable resilience to one’s safety and security and an excellent opportunity for continued human progress.

But when diversity becomes the basis of one group’s superiority, and the respect for intrinsic human dignity alone is no longer overriding, human resilience based on human brotherhood starts to decay. The weakness that emerges becomes the strength of the dehumanizers. People lose their critical thinking and authenticity, which are the backbone of human resilience.

It is this weakness that allows the dehumanizers to use the tool of divide and rule and enslave weakened communities.

Human strengths or weaknesses have nothing to do with the diversity of a community. It has everything to do with cherishing or wasting the natural ability of Critical Thinking and Ethical integrity.

Political Psychodynamic Narrative of Palestinian Backyard

Palestinians are largely ethnically and linguistically homogenous. Being Arab, they are all Arabic-speaking and religiously Sunni Muslims. A relatively large number of Christian Palestinians form the most significant minority. And, of course, there were Arab Native Jews. They all shared the same sliver of the Holy Land, an appetite for hummus, a common genetic ancestry, and traditions from the Patriarch Abraham.

The pre-existing weaknesses in the Palestinians and their several parallel organizations had one thing in common. They relied more on the characteristics of their diversity and heritage as the source of their strength. Reverence for human dignity, regardless of one’s diversity, was not the bedrock of their morality. Critical thinking and the principle of the Golden Rule were no longer the basis of their relationships. Consequently, they all had no clear vision. They lacked clarity in their political, religious, and intellectual philosophies. It may sound impolite, but there was always too much hot air. They misplaced the concept of Jihad and applied it where it did not belong. Their belief in being affiliated with the Muslim religion was enough to expect victory over oppressors automatically, totally oblivious that even Creator-God has a system. His Help arrives only on those who consciously work within His Divine System and embrace ethics of integrity, common sense, and critical thinking. In Quran 13:11, Allah SWT said: “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”

Fatah is a political party in the Palestine Authority (PA) and is considered secular. The PA, which governs parts of the West Bank, has sought the creation of a sovereign, independent Palestinian state based on 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.[7]

Hamas, on the other hand, is an Islamist organization that governs the Gaza Strip. Hamas’ 1988 charter called for the establishment of an Islamic state in all of historic Palestine, including what is now Israel.[8] However, it’s important to note that in 2017, Hamas issued a new political document that, while not formally replacing the 1988 charter, indicated a shift in its political stance. This document accepted the formation of a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders as an interim solution without recognizing Israel’s right to exist. The document also had a more pragmatic tone and did not explicitly call for an Islamic state, though Hamas’ overall ideology remains Islamist.

Other smaller groups, like Islamic Jihad, are more explicitly focused on Islamist objectives, including the establishment of an Islamic state.

It should be noted that Palestine was among the former Ottoman territories placed under the UK’s administration by the League of Nations in 1922. Whether it was ethically right or wrong for local populations is a different topic and too complex to discuss here.

The Charade of terrorists

There are so many Palestinian and non-Palestinian organizations that want to liberate Palestine. However, they are too busy fighting each other instead of choosing the path of enlightenment, the path of peace, and wisdom, the path that would make them be perceived as an asset for the whole society.

Political Psychodynamic Narrative of Zionists’ Backyard

Zionism is a nationalist and political movement that emerged in the late 19th century among European Jews. It advocated for the creation of a Jewish state in former Palestine.

In the current State of Israel, Zionism has been a foundational ideology shaping the state’s identity and policies. It influences aspects like immigration (the Law of Return grants every Jew the right to immigrate to Israel), national symbols, and the nature of state institutions.


Any time an unbridled power once acquired by any group of people, sooner or later, goes to the head to the degree that it paralyzes critical thinking, erases the sense of empathy and integrity, and creates extraordinary confidence in the safety of Machiavellian tricks that can only go so far.

Zionism is a nationalist and political movement that emerged in the late 19th century among European Jews. It is hard to verify whether Zionist ideology was initially thought out in Jewish minds or was tacitly instilled in European Jewish minds by the British Colonialists who are masters in Machiavellian dehumanizing political games.

During World War I and its aftermath, the British Empire was focused on consolidating and expanding its influence in the Middle East. Supporting a Jewish homeland in Palestine was seen as a way to secure a friendly base in the region and to counteract the influence of other powers. Establishing a Jewish state in Palestine aligned with British imperial interests in controlling and stabilizing the region, especially given the strategic importance of the Suez Canal and access to oil reserves. Also, there was a significant Jewish population in Russia whose Help could be used to weaken the effects of the Bolshevik Revolution threatening the capitalist economic system of the West. The British support for Zionism was multifaceted, involving strategic, political, and cultural considerations.

Over time, Zionism evolved into several streams, ranging from secular to religious and from liberal to conservative. The common thread has been the claim in the “right” of the Jewish people to establish and maintain a sovereign state in their ancestral homeland, not realizing that such an assertion had no rationale in the civilized world where there is a rule of law, ethics, and morality. Even the Golden Rule of Torah would reject it. The only situation where such an assertion would be permissible would be where “Might is Right” is the rule of law, as it used to be in the former colonial culture.

British colonialists who were former enslavers still carried the enslavers’ racist mentality of superiority complex, not feeling the obligation to respect the inherent human dignity of civilians living in the former colonies. It’s entirely possible that they encouraged the European Zionists to embrace the same racist mentality as a necessity to acquire a false sense of entitlement to claim ownership of any piece of land they fancy, with total disregard for the rights of the indigenous owners. This self-perception of being exceptional also explains why Israel has two sets of rules that separate Jews from non-Jews. Just like an enslaved person has no right to object when made to feel inferior, also non-Jews living in Gaza have no right to complain about their apartheid status in Gaza. Of course, there is a significant percentage of non-Zionist Israeli citizens who are very critical of these fascist policies. Of course, they have to be a minority.

Israeli Leaders:

The Zionist leaders always enjoyed the full support of their European and North American partners. But this endless flow of power into Israeli leaders reinforced more arrogance and insensitivity and continued to display disrespect towards non-Jewish Palestinians. Since 1948, there have been several episodes of violence against the local Arab population, often punctuated with incidences of genocide.

Zionists fail to see that the Balfour Declaration was a unilateral decision made without the consent of Arab Christians and Muslims of Palestine, who constituted the majority at the time. This declaration was made when European powers were redrawing borders and exerting control over stolen lands in the aftermath of World War I. It reflected the imperialistic mindset prevalent at the time.

Blinded by the dangling carrot of stolen “free land” given by the British colonialists, the Zionists failed to comprehend that although they were legally” backed by the Balfour Declaration, ethically, they were still living on stolen lands. Even after more than seventy years of the creation of Israel, they have failed to apologize for several occasions of genocide of Palestinian Christians and Muslims in the past decades. Instead, they continue to act as foreign occupiers, grabbing more and more of their lands, insulting their dignity, and crowding their non-Jewish population as prisoners in an open space jail. The genocide of Christians and Muslims continues unabated, like what Western colonialists did to Native Americans under the fascist pretext of Manifest Destiny.

Political Psychodynamic Narrative of British Colonialists’ Backyard

The problem was created by British colonialists whose modus operandi has always been to use the psychopathic tool of “divide and rule,” a Machiavellian tactic used throughout Asian African continents, particularly in the Middle Eastern regions, causing loss of lives of tens of millions of non-Europeans. They used a group of Jewish Europeans who identified themselves as Zionists. and handed them over a land that was inhabited for centuries by Arab Palestinian Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The Arab Palestinians had nothing to do with the genocide of six million European Jews by the European powers.

Hitler wanted European Jews to be expelled from Europe and move somewhere else. When this monster could not do so, he committed mass genocide of Jews. British colonialists, having a long track record of human trafficking, slave trade, and exploitation of natural resources of occupied lands, found another opportunity to revive their dwindling power and left behind their proxies in their former colonies to further extend their political influence. Palestine was one of their former colonies.

The British colonialists were manipulating the Zionists to act as their proxy and maintain their influence throughout the Middle East region. Of course, oil was the bait that lured them to invest heavily in geopolitics, keeping the indigenous Palestinian Jews, Christians, and Muslims in constant turmoil. Creating the State of Israel was the answer, besides creating additional tiny and moderate-sized kingdoms as their future proxies to keep in check indigenous democratic national movements that were against foreign exploitation of Arab resources.

The Palestinian Arabs had no problem with Arab Jews who lived together with Christians and Muslims for centuries. The objection came when British Colonialists manipulated the Zionists to arrive on Arab soil as owners of the Arab Land to set fire to the relationships that Arab Jews, Christians, and Muslims enjoyed for centuries. And they succeeded. It was important for the Anglo-American interest to keep the flow of cash and military items to the Zionist faction and maintain their hegemony over Palestinian Arabs by depriving them of essential human rights but not eliminating them. This Machiavellian maneuvering helped the Western foreign powers tremendously to dismantle culturally highly developed Arab countries, such as Iraq, Libya, and Syria, and clear the road for taking possession of all the oil resources.

To give an idea of the magnitude of political interest the Anglo-Saxon Axis had in keeping the Israeli-Palestinian conflict alive, one has just read the State Department report on assistance to the Zionist project. Since Israel’s founding in 1948, the State Department said last month in 2023, that the United States has provided Israel with over $130 billion in bilateral assistance.[9] These transactions divulge a lot of why Zionists and Palestinians could not sit together for a genuine peace talk.

It is against the grain of Jewish people not to use critical thinking and choose war over peace. They have learned to survive and survive well over thousands of years. Look, the highest number of Noble Peace Award recipients are Jews. It is their culture. On the other hand, Zionism is a political ideology and is not part of Judaism and cannot stay around if the flow of financial aid in billions stops today. Israel will still be there but with a difference. Jews, Muslims, and Christians will have no problem living together in peace. They lived in peace for centuries. The foreign trouble mongers stand to lose if the war ends with just solutions without outsiders who have too much wealth to lose.

What can we all do?

Let’s be clear. Considering the current ‘free for all’ genocide in Gaza, the situation is no longer a Palestinian or Israeli internal affair. The current horrific mayhem is NOW an international concern and needs the immediate involvement of all the world bodies for the sake of peace, including NATO and BRICS countries.

To avoid a political war of words and ethnically tribal arguments that are too subjective and unrelated to peace and justice, the arbitrators will use only non-controversial ethical criteria of fairness and justice for each denizen based on respect for inherent human dignity.

Human dignity provides a universal language that transcends cultural, religious, and ideological differences. A respect for human dignity fosters empathy and compassion. When nations and groups recognize the dignity of others, it becomes easier to work cooperatively, resolve conflicts peacefully, and seek solutions that benefit all parties. This approach is crucial in addressing systemic inequalities and building societies where everyone can thrive.

Respect for human dignity is a fundamental, foundational, and non-negotiable universal principle that transcends cultural, religious, and national boundaries. This principle forms the bedrock of human rights and is not subject to cultural relativism. It should always be upheld as the primary moral criterion in any society.

While cultural practices and traditions vary and should be respected for their diversity and historical significance, this respect does not extend to practices that fundamentally violate human dignity. Cultural relativism cannot be used as a justification for practices that infringe upon basic human rights and dignity.

Guidelines for Permanent Israel-Palestinian Peace
  1. Immediate Cessation of Violence: Call for an immediate halt to all acts of violence, aggression, and military confrontations from both sides. Establish a ceasefire monitored by an international body.
  2. Let the world realize that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has now reached a critical level where it has become a significant threat to world peace and is no longer a private ethnically tribal affair.
  3. International Intervention and Monitoring is mandatory: Request urgent intervention by the United Nations and other international organizations to stabilize the situation and monitor ceasefire agreements.
  4. Addressing the Root Causes is no longer beneficial for all the participants to keep rehashing them. Too many decades and human lives have been wasted looking for the root causes that are too far back and obscure. What will help now is to install those essential elements of peace that will bring genuine peace and justice.

A nation’s worldview must no longer be based on specific religious, tribal, or cultural lines. The international community of genuine peace-seekers must impress upon people of both sides to use the non-tribal wisdom of peace, unity, and prosperity richly embedded in the teachings of Prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad; peace be upon all of them.

Their teachings always emphasized values like compassion, justice, forgiveness, and the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. They advocated for fairness and righteousness in dealings with others, emphasizing that justice is essential for peace. They all emphasized the importance of resolving disputes peacefully rather than through violence. This emphasis included negotiation, dialogue, and seeking common ground.

A version of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is present in the teachings of all these figures. This principle encourages individuals to treat others as they wish to be treated. For the sake of peace, Zionists, Christians, and Muslims must align their values to this sacred Golden Rule without exclusions. Jews, Christians, and Muslims must reject any policy or suggestion that permits disrespect for the human dignity of any party.

  1. The cause of the problem is the absence of those crucial political principles that promote lasting peace and disallow the ceaseless dehumanization of Jews, Muslims, and Christians. These principles are flagrantly missing in the current Israeli-Palestinian setup.
  2. Emphasis on Human Dignity and Rights: Ensure that any solution is founded on respect for inherent human dignity, guaranteeing the rights and security of both Palestinians and Israelis.
  3. Support for a Democratic Secular State: Advocate for the establishment of a democratic, secular state that accommodates both Palestinians and Israelis, ensuring equal rights and representation for all citizens.
  4. Constitutional Guarantees: Draft a new constitution for this state that guarantees fundamental rights and freedoms, ensuring no one is deprived of respect for inherent human dignity.
  5. Retaining the Name “Israel” with Expanded Meaning: Consider retaining the name “Israel” while redefining it to represent a diverse, inclusive state that honors the heritage of Jews, Christians, and Muslims as Children of Abraham.

After all, the word Israel means God perseveres. Israel is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin, derived from the Hebrew Yisrael. When God perseveres, He perseveres what is suitable for His Creation. He created humanity and elevated it above all forms of life and thus provided human beings with unique dignity that is intrinsic, inherent, and innate and cannot be given or taken away by anyone. When God prevails, human dignity prevails, and the identity of humanity prevails. The concept of the meaning of the word “Israel” is the essence of all religions, not just Judaism. The name will be acceptable to all the Children of Abraham – Muslims, Christians & Jews.

  1. Shared Homeland of the Children of Abraham: Promote the concept of the state as a shared homeland for people of all Abrahamic faiths, embodying a spirit of coexistence and mutual respect.
  1. Economic Cooperation and Development: Encourage economic cooperation and development initiatives that benefit both communities, fostering interdependence and prosperity.
  1. Educational and Cultural Exchanges: Implement educational and cultural exchange programs to build understanding, trust, and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.
  1. International Support and Investment: Secure international support and investment for the peace process, including aid for infrastructure, institution-building, and economic development.
  2. Long-term Peacebuilding Initiatives: Engage in long-term peacebuilding initiatives, including dialogue forums, community projects, and joint Israeli-Palestinian efforts to nurture a culture of peace.
  3. Legal Framework for Justice and Accountability: Establish legal frameworks to address past injustices, ensure accountability, and provide reparations or reconciliation processes as needed.
  1. In matters of the well-being of humanity, peace, and justice for all, no diversity excluded, the most reliable criterion to be steadfastly adhered to by all of us is upholding the principle of observing respect for inherent human dignity in every situation. Under this principle, no space exists for personal opinions, beliefs, desires, and traditions to exclude anyone. One is free to believe or do anything, including one’s traditions or routines, in their private space, except one will not impose anything on anyone that violates respect for human dignity.
  2. Political parties must not have any role, nor should there be any lobbies in the New State of Israel. They are not necessary for democracy. These are political bars where political thugs, oligarchs, and nations’ biggest psychopaths gather and conspire to loot the nation’s wealth. Political parties are a public nuisance and drain on Nations’ budgets and only attract rogues to play their nefarious games to dehumanize the naïve citizens.

All policies, plans, suggestions, or loopholes must be first aligned with the Constitution. All domestic and foreign policies must be only people-centered, formulated by the people’s representatives elected as individuals, not representing any political party. A political party can provide nothing that elected representatives cannot.

The nation’s domestic and international policies will always be the same, i.e., what is in the best interest of humanity, without violating anyone’s human rights. Elections of people’s representatives and judiciary members must be direct. Foreign policy must not play any role in any international game that promotes the dehumanization of people.

The judges of the Supreme Court will also be elected like state representatives. Taxes will be collected only to meet people’s needs. The government must arrange a referendum to change taxes and war policies. Military service will be mandatory only when deemed necessary.

[1] Human Rights Watch: “Gaza: Israel’s ‘Open-Air Prison’ at 15” – June 14, 2022 [ https://www.hrw.org/news/2022/06/14/gaza-israels-open-air-prison-15 ]

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[4] ibid

[5] Ayah al-Baqarah (The Cow) 2:256  “There is no compulsion in Islam.”

[6] Named after Niccolò Machiavelli, who wrote “The Prince” in the 16th century, this term often implies a form of political manipulation and strategic power play that prioritizes success over ethical considerations.

[7] Sweden Officially Recognizes ‘State of Palestine’ | Israel National News – Arutz Sheva. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/186798

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  1. Azam Chowdhry January 27, 2024 at 11:27 pm - Reply

    Very well thought excellent article with possibly workable solution hopefully win-win situation. Genocide must stop.

  2. Jameel January 30, 2024 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    Excellent article, well researched and well written.
    Unfortunately, the solutions you offer is not doable, for a a number of reasons.
    I am sad to say that I witnessed the genocide and was too weak to do anything about it.

    • Jaseem Pasha February 20, 2024 at 6:59 am - Reply

      Thanks you for taking time to read the article. Of course, you are right. Nothing is doable, unless one creates a path for anything to become “doable.” This is why, right in the beginning of the article I made a clarification and stated – “The impossible peace is possible. Depends!” Depends when one take steps that make things doable. This is true for everything. Peace cannot be established with the posture of confrontation. One cannot overemphasize that the power of oppressors is derived directly from the weaknesses of the “oppressed.” There is no algorithm for peace laid out so far by any body. I think I had mentioned to you once that even Creator-God expects all of us to construct a rational and logical algorithm for us to achieve anything, including daring to get out from our comfort zone, reflect on the factors that brings about peace. Please refer to Quran 13:11 “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves….” The suggestions I have provided do require “willingness” that has not happened yet. Confrontations never work for achieving peace. Please refer to Prophet’s peace treaty with the Meccans. It happened though the situation seemed impossible.

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